About This Site

Why create a website dedicated to Republican Celebrities?

The GOP has recently had a lot to say about “reaching out to new voters” and “widening the Party’s tent” to include more mainstream Americans. So what do we do? We attack “liberal Hollywood” and crucify any Politician who is seen with an Actor or Actress. Creating negative tension with the Entertainment Mecca of the world is probably not good PR while we are on a mission to “bring new voters into the GOP.”

Republicans need to stop attacking “liberal Hollywood” and focus on those in Hollywood who support GOP causes. We want gopcelebrities.com to help bridge the gap and let mainstream Americans know that many of their favorite actors, athletes, musicians, etc are also Republican celebrities. Chuck Norris is NOT the only Republican actor in Hollywood much to the surprise of many. We also want to use this site as a way to support and encourage the GOP celebrities who have been brave enough to “come out” with their political beliefs and encourage others to do the same.

Please help us spread this message by sharing with others. Show Hollywood the power behind millions of fans supporting Republican Actors and Actresses! Lets make it impossible for Hollywood to ever blacklist another Republican actor/actress again!


Who’s behind GOP Celebrities?

Site founder, Seth Weathers

This site is created by and run by Atlanta Republican Activist/Consultant, Seth Weathers.

Seth has been involved in National and State Republican politics for over 10 years and has worked on more than 50 political campaigns.

Former Chairman of The Gwinnett Young Republicans, Former Georgia Republican State Committee member, Member of the Fulton County Republican Party, Member of the Board of Directors of the Live Oak Republicans, Nominated by US Senator Saxby Chambliss to attend the Senate Leadership Summit for Young Professional in Washington, DC.

Seth is also the President of Weathers Design & Advertising, a web design, advertising and search engine optimization firm based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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