Melissa Joan Hart – Ronald Reagan loving Republican Celebrity!

Republican celebrity, Melissa Joan Hart

Republican celebrity actress and author, Melissa Joan Hart

Most of you probably remember Melissa Joan Hart as the friendly, Sabrina The Teenage Witch from the hit ABC Show.  Hart now stars in a new hit series, Melissa & Joey on ABC Family.  She is one of the few former child stars who have grown into their own with hit shows into adulthood.  Maybe that’s because she’s a solid Republican!  She’s also happily married and the mother of three children.  It’s worth noting that she appears to be an excellent mom and has managed to go for many years as a celebrity without the typical celebrity drama that surrounds other stars.

When asked by People Magazine what book she’s reading she replied, “Peggy Noonan’s When Character was King, about Ronald Reagan.  I go to lectures at the Reagan Library, so I have to be up on him!”  Could she have given a better answer?  I love this!  It’s also one of my favorite books about Reagan.

Hart has a new book out, Melissa Explains It All: Tales from My Abnormally Normal Life, and has recently done several interviews that touch on being a Republican in Hollywood (when she’s working that is – she lives with her family in Connecticut) and voting for Mitt Romney.

In an interview with FoxNews 411 Hart said, “These days I find more [Republicans] in Hollywood and I love having a healthy debate with anyone. Nobody’s one way or the other. I feel that unfortunately in this country there are only two parties. I wish there were more because nobody fits into one or the other.”

On November 5, 2012 Melissa Joan Hart tweeted, “For those asking, I’m voting #RomneyRyan. Probably lost a few jobs in Hollywood with my political views. So sad the ‘tolerant left’ is anything but! #voteordontcomplain.”

After a barrage of angry responses to her Twitter post she responded with, “Guess what? A person can care about the earth AND marriage equality AND want the economy back AND … have a good healthcare system that works all at the same time &choose not to continue on the path of the last 4 years! #RomneyRyan2012.”  Way to not take any crap, Melissa!

When later talking about her Romney endorsement she said, “The hate was unbelievable. I got called every name in the book” She went on to say, “[People wrote] that they hope I die, and that they hope my children are gay, which is somehow supposed to be some sort of punishment.  The hate was really unbelievable just from that simple tweet. Just by saying I was voting.”

It’s worth mentioning that she gained 15,000 new Twitter followers after her Romney / Ryan endorsement.  It’s further evidence that American’s are looking for more celebrities who aren’t afraid to say they are Republicans.

So there you have it, a young, beautiful, female celebrity who is also a proud Republican!

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