BREAKING: Ferguson Officer Wilson will not be indicted – Goes FREE!

Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson will not be prosecuted

Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson will not be prosecuted

UPDATE AT 10:17pm

Rioting intensifies in Ferguson.  Fires started.  Attempt by protesters to flip a police car – was thwarted just in time by authorities.  Large quantities of tear gas deployed.


UPDATE AT 10:07pm

SHOTS FIRED IN FERGUSON.  Rioting has begun in some areas.  Further updates coming…


The Prosecutor is releasing a full statement on the verdict on all major news channels.

Prosecutor says that many so-called “witnesses” recant original statements and admit that they did not actually witness the shooting.  Some admit to falsifying their original statements.

Prosecutor shreds claims that Michael Brown had hands up when shot.

Physical evidence proves two shots were fired from within the vehicle which keeps with the statement by Officer Wilson.

ALL evidence and interviews to be released at the completion of the news conference.

Prosecutor encourages protesters to continue demonstrations and the discussions.  In a construction manner. That this opens the conversation an issue that has never been openly discussed.  Shout outs from the Prosecutor to the NAACP and the Brown family.

The Prosecutor stated, “They (jurors) poured their hearts and souls into this.”  He went on to say, “I would say almost any demographic you can come up with, I would say it was represented on that Grand Jury.”

Multiple black witnesses testified that Michael Brown charged Officer Wilson.

Prosecutor revealed that audio of the final 10 shots was discovered.