Are Republicans in Hollywood-Aside From Chuck Norris

Famous Republicans Chuck Norris and Jessica Simpson

Famous Republicans Chuck Norris and Jessica Simpson

The GOP needs to be able to point to Republican actors who support our candidates other than Chuck Norris.  We’ve worn out Chuck’s name as a “Hollywood Republican”.  And lets be honest, Norris does not have appeal to most younger Americans.  We need to redirect the focus from the B-List actors to more popular and current actors such as Vince Vaughn who are actually current stars in the eyes of the under 55 crowd.

– GOP Celebrities

What’s this about Chuck Norris campaigning for Newt Gingrich? I didn’t know there were any Republicans in Hollywood.
—Chuck Norris Does Not Need Your Answers, via the inbox

Oh, come on. If Chuck Norris spoke unto peons like us, Chuck Norris would tell you that Newt Gingrich campaigns for Chuck Norris, not the other way around.

Or maybe not, because Norris really is helping out with the Gingrich campaign. And he’s not alone, at least, in his Republican politics:

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