msnbc rated the 10 celebrities with the most political clout: only 1 Republican made their list


We’d be lying if we said we expected anything less from liberal msnbc.

The list includes Steven Spielberg, Morgan Freeman, George Clooney (of course) and others.  Donald Trump is the only openly Republican celebrity mentioned on the list.

According to msnbc, “We looked at their contributions, appearances with politicians, and social clout to determine who’s actively invested in our nation’s politics compared to who’s just keeping up appearances.”

If the list was not made purely on contributions how do they ignore someone like Jon Voight who stumped hard for Mitt Romney in 2012?  What about Vince Vaughn who very publicly supported and stumped for Ron Paul’s Presidential campaign?

Funny though, if you look at this list from msnbc it makes you think that the Democrat Party is the party of the rich.  Not that there is anything wrong with that!

View the list and let us know what you think