REPORT: Adam Lanza’s parents ignored mental issues. WELL NO SH!T!

Crazed child killer, Adam Lanza

Crazed child killer, Adam Lanza

Does the above photo look like a mentally sound individual? How hard could Lanza’s mental issues been to spot?

A new report put out after a year-long study by the Connecticut Office of the Child Advocate concludes that Adam Lanza’s parents ignored his mental health issues for year.


Just one glance at this whacked out kid and anybody would know what a complete mental disaster he is.  I’m sure having a family member suffer from issues like this is very difficult to deal with.  But issues as apparent and as Lanza’s cannot be ignored.  This entire tragedy could have been prevented if he had received the treatment (mental facility) he so obviously needed.

At one point his father, Peter wanted to get him mental health treatment but it was protested by Adam as well as his mother, Nancy.  She will forever have the weight of this on her shoulders due to her desire to shield him from mental health treatment and the outside world.  She unwittingly enabled the younger Lanza and event went so far as to develop his interest in firearms.

You can read the full detailed report here.

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