Andy Garcia is a Republican! How did I miss this until now?

Andy Garcia is a Republican celebrity and Hollywood Conservative

Andy Garcia – Republican celebrities

Andy Garcia has one of the most impressive movie careers in Hollywood.  From The Untouchables, The Godfather Part III, ALL of the Ocean’s 11 movies and other high profile films, it’s no question that Andy Garcia is an A-list Hollywood actor.

A couple of years ago I discovered the movie, The Lost City (2006) and was initially surprised that it had not been well publicized.  The acting was excellent, the plot very accurate to the historical facts and it had several A-list actors making up the cast.  And on top of that, it was a damn entertaining movie!  Andy Garcia Directed and starred in the film with Dustin Hoffman and Bill Murray.   The movie didn’t receive very good reviews or much attention from the media so I guess it’s no surprise that I failed to stumble upon the movie until a couple of years ago.

Why would a movie with such credentials receive so little attention?  It might be due to the story the movie tells.  It’s a movie about Cuba’s fall in the 1950’s to Fidel Castro and the ensuing destruction of a beautiful nation.  Che Guevara is shown as who and what he really was – a scumbag Marxist out for power and blood.

I could go on further about this movie or I could tell you about the real life of Andy Garcia.  In 1961, at the age of 5 his family fled Cuba after Fidel Castro’s rise to power and landed in Miami.  They left behind his father’s successful business and real estate and opted to start fresh in the U.S. without a dime to their name.  “I literally remember my mother borrowing a dime at the airport to call my godfather in Tampa to let him know we had arrived,” Garcia later said.  In his early years in the U.S. Garcia worked unloading trucks and as a waiter before getting into acting.

It’s hard to come from a background like that and support today’s Democrat Party which explains the large number of Cuban-American’s who identify as members of the Republican Party.  Andy Garcia is no exception and is a registered Republican in his home state of California.  He is known to be an extremely private member of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities and spends the majority of his free-time with his 3 children and wife of over 30 years, Marivi.

Andy Garcia Endorsed Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney

In 2012 he endorsed Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney for President.  He had long been known as a Republican but has not often come out and spoken directly about partisan politics.  Instead, he seems to have his “personal” movie projects like The Lost City and more recently For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada (2012).

Andy Garcia in For Greater Glory

Andy Garcia in For Greater Glory

For Greater Glory is based on The Cristero War, also known as the Cristiada that took place between 1926 and 1929, pitting the Mexican government against the Catholic Church.  It’s another true story of people fighting for individual freedom against oppressive governments.  When speaking to NewsMax about the film Garcia said, “Where is that line drawn . . . the concept of religious freedom — or even a greater concept which is absolute freedom.”  He went on to say, “How deeply does the government get involved in your personal decisions as an individual? In this case — dealing with a movie — it’s about your right to practice your faith. And so this is been something unfortunately that’s been going on that repeats itself in history.”  He brought the conversation back to Cuba by saying, “In the case of Cuba, it wasn’t only religious freedom, obviously there was all aspects of human rights were curtailed — and still are for that matter.”  Cuba is obviously an important topic to Garcia and he continues to advocate for the Freedom of the Cuban people.  He was an outspoken advocate of Elian Gonzalez staying in the United States rather than returning to Cuba during the controversy years ago.

VIDEO: Watch Andy Garcia on FoxNews with Sean Hannity discuss the film below:

Andy Garcia is a great example of a Republican celebrity and I hope to hear more about his political views in the future.  I will certainly be supporting his upcoming movies and hope that you do as well!