Doritos Girl & former Miss USA Ali Landry is “very conservative.”

GOP Actress and former Miss USA, Ali Landry

GOP Actress and former Miss USA, Ali Landry

This revelation should certainly get college Republican guys fired up about the GOP!

When asked by if she would be voting for Barack Obama in 2009 she laughed and said, “I’m very conservative so I’ll leave it at that.”  She laughed off further questions and stated that she “doesn’t talk politics.”  Based on her comments she made it very clear she was voting Republican.  She was asked the question in a room where celebrity after celebrity came up and praised Obama and stated their support for his campaign.   Good for her for being willing to come out as a Conservative and not be pushed around by the liberal reporter for!

Landry was a co-star in the independent hit film, Bella. She’s starred in a host of TV shows over the years.  Everything from Felicity, Pensacola: Wings of Gold, The Bold and the Beautiful and more.  She also has several movies that are coming out in the next few years.  Landry came to fame after doing a Doritos commercial during the 1998 Super Bowl.  She was crowned Miss USA 1998 and also one of People Magazine’s ’50 Most Beautiful.’

She’s also a very devoted mother of 3 and the former wife of Saved by the Bell star, Mario Lopez.  Lopez has also publicly disclosed that he’s a Conservative Republican on FoxNews.

She has also been selected as our Republican Babe of the Week which you can check out here.