Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a Republican and open to running for office. Would you support him?


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a Republican.

The Rock has been a registered Republican in California for years.  He even had a brief spot at the 2000 Republican Convention encouraging more people to register to vote.

When asked if he would ever consider entering the ring and running for office himself he responded coyly, “I wouldn’t rule [a political career] out. I think in order for politicians to be successful, you have to be passionate about politics. I care about our country, but right now I can make impact in other ways.”

He has also said that he believes actors shouldn’t be so quick to speak out about politics.  He wouldn’t be the first former WWE star and actor to run for office.  Jesse Ventura successfully did it a few years back.

What do you think?  The Rock for Congress?

  • Michael Wood

    Who know US Senator The Rock

  • http://Enteryourwebsite... Indian Andy

    He couldn’t be any worse than that actor / poser, Barack Hussein Obama.

  • http://rattlewithus.ning.com/profiles/blogs/more-anti-americanism-coming-soon-to-a-theater-near-you @JLenardDetroit

    We need high Profile people like this to step up and join the Fight in any manner they’re willing. I’ll have to hear his Platform (whether he’s a PLATFORM REPUBLICAN or a RINO) before I’d commit to supporting. Arnold may have been a better CA Gov had he been Divorced from Maria prior to his taking Office than his constant desire to moderate (probably to please his wife and her family)!

  • Joseph Lenard

    I’d love to see him, and any others, run for office. I need to hear his stance on issues, however, before I’d endorse/support him/them!!

    @JLenardDetroit http://rattlewithus.ning.com/profiles/blogs/more-anti-americanism-coming-soon-to-a-theater-near-you