Democrat actor Rob Schneider faces business challenges thanks to Liberals. See how he wants to fix it.


By becoming a Republican of course!

Life long Democrat actor, Rob Schneider has switched parties and is supporting Republican Tim Donnelly for Governor of California in 2014. He isn’t making his political party switch quietly either, Schneider has come out in full force against the “failing” Democrats policies and the negative impact another four years of Democrat rule will have on the state. Watch the following interview (link below) to see him give a very credible reasoning for his political affiliation change as well as a great free market endorsement. He may play a “dummy” in most of his movies but you’ll see in this interview he’s a very intelligent guy who has something worthwhile to say.

Schneider did an interview with PolitiChicks in which he bashes Democrats for being anti-competitive in his state of California and for being “disastrous” to the economy. Schneider also stated that he is an owner of a vitamin company and had to move the business out of California because of the many prohibitive anti-business laws.

Finding out that he is a business owner on top of being a Hollywood actor probably goes a long way to explaining Schneider’s switch to the Republican Party. It’s hard to start a business in any state but doing so in the State of California is particularly difficult due to the burdensome regulations that have been put in place by the Democrat majority there.

I also wonder if his relationship with Republican actor Adam Sandler had anything to do with his party switch. Schneider has appeared any many (if not all) of Sandler’s movies over the years. Regardless of your politics, you have to admit the guy is pretty damn funny! I hope that he goes on to use his new political persuasion in his comedy. Republicans could use a comedian that was funny.

Let’s hope that the now Republican Rob Schneider is able to do something about the negative impact Democrats are having on California and get his friend, Tim Donnelly, elected as Governor. “Yooou can DOOO it” Rob!

Welcome to the Republican Party, Rob!

You can follow Rob on Twitter at @robschneider