Tim Allen aka Tim the Tool Man is a Republican

Republican Comedian, Actor and Director, Tim Allen!

Republican Comedian, Actor and Director, Tim Allen!

Tim Allen, who you now know is a Republican, became famous as the star of the hit TV sitcom, Home Improvement.  Home Improvement has always been one of my favorite family sitcoms and I look forward to one day sharing the show with my son.  I, like most fathers, would like to have a relationship with their children like that of “Tim the Tool Man” and his children as portrayed on the show – but with fewer explosions in the garage.  This family dynamic helped bolster the show to one of the top shows on television (ABC) with children and adults alike.

Tim Allen’s life wasn’t always full of success and stardom.  In 1978 he was arrested for intent to distribute a fairly large amount of cocaine and spent over two-years in a federal prison.

Allen’s career hardly ended with Home Improvement, he has also starred in numerous hit movies such as The Santa Claus, all of the Toy Story movies, Christmas with the Kranks and many more.

In 2010 Allen directed his first Feature Film, Crazy on the Outside.  Allen brought along fellow Republican actors Kelsey Grammer (Fraiser) and Julie Bowen (Modern Family) for the film.  Seems Republicans in Hollywood stick together.


Currently, he is the star of the of ABC’s prime time show, Last Man Standing.  On the show Allan plays Mike Baxter, a Conservative Republican character who supports Mitt Romney and openly slams Obama.  In an episode 4 days prior to the 2012 election Allen cracked several jokes at Obama’s expense such as, “Romney is a doer. It’s easy to be consistent, like Obama, when all you have done is organize communities. ” He later quipped in the same episode, “He did a great job with that South Side of Chicago. It runs like a watch down there. Of course, you can’t wear one.”  It seems that he’s getting to live out his personal political opinions on television with the success of the show.  I’m always thrilled to see Republican’s being portrayed positively on a popular television show.

Tim Allen helped raise funds for Republican Presidential candidate John McCain in the 2008 election as well as other candidates over the years.

Watch the video below of Tim Allen on the Jimmy Kimmel show saying that he would rather give his money away to family and friends rather than let the government have it.