Kelsey Grammer (Frasier) is a Republican

Republican Kelsey Grammer looking like a real "boss" as Chicago's Mayor in the TV show, BOSS.

Republican Kelsey Grammer looking like a real “boss” as Chicago’s Mayor in the TV show, BOSS.

Kelsey Grammer is a “declared Republican” in Hollywood

Kelsey Grammer being a Republican probably isn’t a surprise to most of you.  Grammer publicly “came out” as Republican actor some time ago and has been pretty vocal in his views.  During a 2012 interview on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Grammer said, “…I am a declared, out-of-the-closet Republican in Hollywood!”  He’s been a guest on FOX News’ Hannity several times and spoken about his Conservative beliefs.

During a recent interview with Hannity he had this to say about why he is a Republican, “I am a Republican because I believe that the — individualism is the most sacred thing, the most sacred treasure.”

In a 2010 interview with NY Magazine he said, “I’m a real small-government guy, that’s where I live. I come from a fundamental place that you help the people who can’t help themselves. But there are precious few who can’t.  And that’s it.”  He also campaigned for Mitt Romney during the 2012 Presidential race.

VIDEO: Kelsey Grammer interview on being a Republican in Hollywood

Grammer is also a supporter of gay rights.  On Piers Morgan Live he made this statement, “I think marriage is up to two people who love each other,” says Grammer. “I tend to think the government shouldn’t be involved in any way.”  He seems to take a very Libertarian view of keeping the government out of marriage and individuals’ personal life.

Frasier is one of the most watched and favorite shows in our household.   I must admit that knowing that we are supporting a Hollywood Republican actor every time we watch an episode makes me happy.  And let’s not forget his entertaining role on the classic show, Cheers!  To sum it up, he’s one of our favorite Republican celebrities!

Kelsey Grammer hints at a run for political office

As recently as March 2013 Grammer hinted a Republican run for political office.  Frasier for Congress get our vote!