‘Ray Donovan’ star is a crusader for the Republican Party: Jon Voight’s mission


Jon Voight in Showtime's 'Ray Donovan'Jon Voight in Showtime's 'Ray Donovan'

Jon Voight in Showtime’s ‘Ray Donovan’

Even if you aren’t a die-hard moviegoer, it’s difficult to imagine you haven’t watched Jon Voight in a least a few of his roles.  He’s been in everything from both National Treasure movies, Transformers, Pearl Harbor, several episodes of the show ’24’ and of course, one of his first big hits, Deliverance.  Voight is an Oscar Winner, Academy Award Winner, and has claimed four Golden Globe Awards.  He’s also a star of the popular Showtime series, Ray Donovan.  His role in Ray Donovan has brought new life to his career and is one of the best roles he’s played.  At 75-years old he’s still one of Hollywood’s leading stars due to the critical acclaim of Ray Donovan.  And let’s not forget that he gave us Angelia Jolie, his daughter.

While many fear being blacklisted for being an open Republican in Hollywood, Voight has been speaking out for years about his political beliefs and has only gained in prominence.  This is likely less to do with his political views and more to do with his impressive acting skills.  Few people could pull of the character as well as he has on Ray Donovan.

Voight has stated on multiple occasions that he was very liberal in his youth but came around with time.  Instead of protesting the Vietnam War he’s now protesting the policies of President Obama. Leading up to the 2012 Presidential Election Voight was practically an extension of the Romney Presidential campaign. Voight most have done hundreds of radio and TV interviews prior to the election. There probably wasn’t a conservative talk show that Jon Voight didn’t grace prior to the election.  It’s a fair assessment to assume that Voight was the hardest working celebrity on behalf of Mitt Romney.

At the RNC Convention in Tampa in 2012 Voight told a Daily Beast reporter, “We’ve sunk to a really new low where our president has overseen these attacks on the Republican candidate, calling him a felon, Harry Reid standing up with all the stature of the Senate and saying, ‘Somebody told me he didn’t pay his taxes,’ having this commercial saying he’s responsible for the death of this guy’s wife. He’s lost all stature of what a president should have.”

Voight has also stated that he is a member of a group of 1,800 other conservative actors and that the number of members is continuing to grow. Hopefully more will feel secure about being more opening in the opinions as has Voight.

For a long interview (9:20) with Voight during the 2012 RNC Convention where he discusses a lot of his political beliefs watch this interview by NRA News: