Republican is the new Black: Laura Prepon edition!

Republican gun owner, Laura Prepon

Republican gun owner, Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon played the fun loving character Donna on ‘That 70’s Show’ opposite Ashton Kutcher and is now one of the stars of the hit show, ‘Orange is the New Black.’  She’s also a die-hard Republican and gun enthusiast.  Somehow, this isn’t so hard to believe about her.  If you’ve seen her role on Orange is the New Black it’s not hard to imagine her wielding a gun.  Her gun of choice is a semiautomatic AR-15, of course!  She was a big supporter of George W. Bush during his presidency.

The number of Republicans starring in hit television shows seems to be at an all time high.  Prepon is also one of our Republican Babes – it’s easy to see why!  Check out more photos of her below.

He other favorite hobbies include fishing, riding dirt bikes, poker and of course, shooting at the firing range!  She has a reputation of being one of the most down to earth actresses in Hollywood.  She obviously seems like a pretty cool and laid back gal!

Be sure to check out Season 3 of Orange is the New Black as we’ve heard her role is going to become even more involved in the new season.