Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars is a Republican & blasts Obama


Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars is not afraid to speak about his politics

Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars is not afraid to speak about his politics

It should be no surprise that Rick Harrison, owner of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, is a Republican.  He’s a small business owner after all.  Most of you know him from the History Channel where he stars in the reality show, Pawn Stars.  It has become one of the most popular shows on the network with approximately 6 million viewers per episode. It has also launched the entire Harrison family into the limelight.  Harrison has used the limelight multiple times to promote his Republican opinions.  You will also notice him interjecting some subtle Republican beliefs into the show as well.

He’s also been on a long list of radio and TV shows discussing his political beliefs.  On Piers Morgan live Harrison stated, “Bureaucracy is the number killer of business. If government could just do something about that. But then again government never likes to get smaller. Just likes to get bigger.“

You can watch the following clip of Rick on Fox & Friends as he talks with Steve Ducey about government over-regulation and the effects of ObamaCare on his business.  He talks about reviving the American Dream and getting the government out of the way of small business owners.  Harrison has been a small business owner his entire life so he knows a thing or two about business.

Glenn Beck has stated that Pawn Stars is his favorite TV show and calls it “Antique Roadshow with an attitude.”  Beck has had Harrison on his own show to discuss Pawn Stars and as well as Harrison’s political views.  You can watch the following clip of him on Beck’s show talking in further detail about how government regulation is directly affecting his business in a negative way.

You can learn more about Pawn Stars by visiting their page on the History Channel website.