Steve Howey: Actor makes Obama joke on Twitter. Then deletes. Was it offensive?


Steve Howey is a Conservative Republican actor and rising star

Steve Howey is an american film star who currently stars in the Showtime show, ‘Shameless’.  He’s made many appearances on a multitude of shows from Sons of Anarchy to Reba.  He’s also appeared in numerous films including twice playing Kate Hudson’s love interest.  He’s currently in production with several new movies set to come out in 2014.

Recently the star took to Twitter to make a joke about President Obama.  “People shouldn’t be so scared about this virus from Africa. He only has two more years of his presidency.”  Some found the joke offensive and lashed out at Howey on Twitter.  The tweet was eventually deleted but not before it was picked up by multiple media sources.  What do you think?  Was the tweet really offensive or just a tongue in cheek comment that have liberals overreacting to?  Chime in using the comment section below.

Howey is from San Antonio, Texas and is a known Conservative Republican.  He is married to fellow celebrity actress Sarah Shahi.  Shahi would certainly be a great addition to our Republican Babes if she turns out to share her husbands political views. We’ll be watching for any news of her political affiliation as well as Howey’s Twitter feed for any more political related posts.  You can find follow him on Twitter yourself @reelstevehowey.  Aside from political jokes, he’s very active on Twitter and makes a lot of hilarious posts. Show support for Republican actors by tweeting him some words of support.  And don’t forget to catch his latest shows and upcoming movies!  The more support we all show, the easier it will be for celebrities like him to come out about the Republican political beliefs without the fear of being blacklisted from future movie roles.

TheBlaze has the Obama tweet story here.