Vince Vaughn Republican Actor & Google intern

Hollywood Republican Vince Vaughn

Hollywood Republican actor Vince Vaughn

Known for Hollywood hits like Wedding Crashers, The Break-Up, Dodgeball and others makes Vince Vaughn is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.  Vince Vaughn is also a Republican celebrity and even donates financially to Republican candidates.  Vaughn is another example that actors and other celebrities can “come out” as Republicans and continue to have successful careers…  perhaps its easier after you are already an international movie star as was Vince Vaughn.

Vaughn was a vocal supporter of Ron Paul for President in 2012 and even wrote a blurb for Paul’s latest book, End The Fed.

Republican Vince Vaughn with friend Ron Paul, Republican candidate for President 2012.

Republican Vince Vaughn with Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul

Republican Vince Vaughn with Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul

When Rolling Stone magazine asked Vaughn what it was like to be a Republican in Hollywood he had this to say, I don’t know. Look at your family, or your group of friends, right? Some people are more accepting of different ideas, and other people aren’t  But I’ve never considered myself a traditional party person. I really do like Ron Paul – I agree with him on most things.” (Source: Politico)

VIDEO: Republican Vince Vaughn introducing Ron Paul at the 2011 Liberty Political Action Conference

The Wedding Crashers co-star once surprised a group of Young Republicans in Washington DC while filming the movie by crashing their party with fellow co-star Owen Wilson.   Wilson outed Vaughn as a Republican to this surprised group – who didn’t actually believe he was a Republican! (Source: USA Today)

Vince Vaughn definitely makes our list of one of the most famous Republican celebrities in Hollywood and one of our favorites!  We look forward to his future movies and more about his political beliefs.  Each time a super star celebrity like Vince Vaughn speaks out about his Republican political beliefs it makes it all the easier for the next actor or actress.  Imagine a day when A-list Hollywood stars are evenly split by Republicans and Democrats…