Alanah Pearce Weight Loss [2022] – Experiment

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Who is Alanah Pearce?

Australian writer and journalist Alanah Pearce specializes in gaming journalism. Approximately two years ago, she started working for game developer Santa Monica Studio. It was in the year 2020 when she started working for this company. In addition to working as a journalist, Alanah Pearce has also reported on video games. In this capacity, she has contributed to several media outlets. Consequently, she has also worked as a video game reporter with the famous entertainment news website IGN.

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From 2018 to 2020, Pierce also worked at a production company. In addition to hosting Inside Gaming, she contributed to Rooster Teeth’s news program. Rooster Teeth’s Funhaus division was where she worked. You can learn more about Alanah Pearce’s net worth, early life, career, and much more by continuing reading.

Personal Life

In interviews with many publications, Alanah Pearce has mentioned how she has dealt with tendinitis through video games. Her discomfort from myalgic encephalomyelitis was reduced by this treatment. Patricia has always been enthusiastic about making video games accessible for newcomers. Consequently, she works with the organization AbleGamers. She assists the organization in raising funds for improving the accessibility of video games.

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As part of the inaugural Video Game Accessibility Awards, Pearce co-hosted the ceremony in the month of November 2020. This award ceremony was co-hosted by AbleGamers. In early 2019, Pearce was harassed for the E3 2019 media attendees’ personal information being leaked by the Entertainment Software Association. The ESA originally organized E3.

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Alanah Pearce Weight Loss Experiment

The height of Pearce is approximately 5 feet 10 inches. In addition to that, she lost a great deal of weight. During the course of six months, she lost 18 kg of body weight and posted a video about her progress on her youtube channel that soon became one of her most viewed videos.

 In 2012, Alanah Pearce lost about 40 pounds (about 20 kilograms). The video her followers posted about her trip also caught the attention of many of her admirers.

Alanah also mentioned that she trained at the gym regularly and participated in Lila Pradas’ 12-week lean body program, which also assisted her in losing weight. Through her Instagram account, she told her followers that she has lost 18kg in six months. A Statement of Alanah Pearce Weight Loss on Twitter, in which she says

Alanah Pearce Weight Loss
Alanah Pearce Weight Loss

While I was never extremely obese, I weighed about 40 pounds/20 kilograms more than I should have during the five years I was overweight. My life changed dramatically after I started losing weight – I slept better, could walk for longer periods of time (and upstairs without stopping! ), worked better, and so on. Everyone can benefit from losing weight!

Alanah Pearce Weight Loss: Carrier

In addition to being the Director of Miscellaneous Crew and Producer, Alanah Pearce also worked on Sunrise. In 2009, she became well-known through social media. According to her Instagram account, she currently has around 376k followers. Besides gaining popularity with her own YouTube channel, which she created on May 24, 2009, she has also become popular with her blog. She has over 306k subscribers to her YouTube channel. On her channel, she has posted over 300 videos. A few of the videos she has published have been ‘Room Tour- Collectibles & Gaming Setup’, ‘How to Lose Weight from Your Thighs’, and ‘I’m Leaving IGN.

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