Amanda Batula Weight Loss [2022]

Amanda Batula Weight Loss and Diet And Workout Routine: Summer House star Amanda Batula recently shared with her followers how much her weight has dropped since taking part in the Bravo series.

Her TV series will be familiar to most people who know Amanda Batula. Her weight loss game is an enticing feature of the original TV series actress of Series Summer House. With her first season on television, Amanda Batula started playing weight loss games.

Amanda was in her heaviest weights during her first season on the series, which was apparently the second season. Her viewers noticed that her load had started to decrease as the show progressed. To clarify, the actress didn’t miss any opportunities to enjoy the results of her intermittent fasting and black coffee. 

Let’s see what motivated her to lose weight and how she achieved a toned body.

Amanda Batula Weight Loss
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Diet Journey of Amanda Batula

Her popularity skyrocketed after she appeared on the reality show Summer House. The five-foot-six-inch tall actress revealed that in Season 2, her first official season, she had been at her heaviest.

During her time on the show, Batula lost between 15 and 20 pounds. When she returned to her college weight, she claimed to have weighed 110 pounds. At the time, she refused to step on the scale, so she wasn’t sure how much she weighed 50 kg.

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“My heaviest weight was in my first official season, which was Season 2 of my career. I certain how much I weighed before; I refused to stand on a scale so I can’t tell, but I have lost between 15 and 20 pounds since then. I’m now back to the weight I was in college.

Further, she said:

 My weight has increased quite evenly, and I’ve carried it around my face quite a bit. I realize that figure is high compared to how I looked in the past.

Amanda’s REAL reason for losing weight

No matter how much weight Amanda gained or lost, it was just a number. It was close to her refusal to weigh herself unless she felt she was the right weight. So, we can conclude that she lost weight not just because her scale increased, but because she wore a dress that was too small.

The actress mentions that a good body is one that allows you to wear your favourite jeans and clothing comfortably.

In my opinion, you shouldn’t weigh yourself based solely on what you see on the scale; what matters is how you feel about the clothes you are wearing and how you feel about yourself in general.

Diet Plan by Amanda Batula

While on a weight-loss program, one must stick to a strict diet. Diet recommendations and notes are among Amanda Batula’s diet recommendations and notes that she has followed.

Because she’s not a gym fan, Summer House’s star sought the help of a nutritionist to change her eating habits. She started a balanced FODMAP DIET in addition to her usual intake of Bullet Proof Coffee.

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She also found intermittent fasting to be extremely beneficial for her health. The fruit that contained the most natural sugars was avoided. Her weight-loss plan also included adding vegetables to her meals.

While occasionally satisfying her cravings, Batula sticks to her diet. She recommends that you indulge in your cravings in small amounts so as not to overindulge. Her calorie intake wasn’t tracked either because she believes it isn’t a helpful strategy for losing weight.

While intermittent fasting, Batula does not feel hungry even when she delays lunch until late afternoon. Coffee combined with Brain Octane oil (C8 MCT oil) and grass-fed butter or ghee makes butter coffee a popular drink.

The beverage and diet regimen she followed, which alternated between eating and fasting, made her lose “15-20 pounds,” since her weight was her heaviest during the second season of the show.

Workout plan for Amanda Batula

Trying to lose weight through exercise was never the best option for Amanda Batula. It was not able to reach the next level of success despite the actress’ best efforts.

Despite the fluctuating weight, Batula is currently working and trying to maintain a healthy weight. Her Q&A sessions revealed that the monitoring of her food choices was more beneficial than exercising itself to her health. It demonstrates that diet alone is a successful method of weight loss. 

Amanda Batula Height And Weight

Amanda Batula, who has appeared in numerous reality TV shows, has reached a weight of 50 kg after losing 20 pounds. She is reminded of her body from her college days because she weighs 81 pounds and stands 5’6″.

Amanda’s Tips For Losing Weight

Amanda shares one weight-loss tip with her followers and friends after seeing her struggles and methods of losing weight

  • Feed your cravings in smaller portions rather than completely ignoring them
  • Reduce your sugar and carb intake as much as you can
  • The benefits of intermittent fasting are numerous.
  • Loosen up as much as you feel comfortable with.
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Thus, we can all set our boundaries based on what we define as our own. Amanda believes that self-satisfaction is the most important factor before any change can be made since there is no such thing as perfect weight loss.

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Having written the above-written article about Amanda Batula’s weight loss journey, our journey comes to an end. The definition of weight loss Amanda prescribes to us is different from the one stated above. The most important thing is how good you feel about your body and the dress you are wearing, not the number on the scale, she said. The choice of how one’s weight loss is standardized is completely up to the individual. This is her choice.