Lara Beitz weight loss [2022]

Here’s what you need to know about Lara Beitz weight loss, diet plan, and fitness routine.  Take a look at the comedian’s transformation before and after.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she began her career in the Chicago comedy circuit before moving to Los Angeles, where she emerged as the most talked-about newcomer at the venerable Comedy Store.

In just a short time since her first appearance on the comedy scene, Lara has gained fans like Judd Apatow and Joe Rogan who call her “the real deal.” She gained more fans when she appeared on David Spade’s Comedy Central show Lights Out a few years later.

A recent article about Beitz’s 40-pound weight loss is making the rounds.  Here you can find out everything you need to know about her diet and fitness routine.

Lara Beitz said she lost weight without even trying and without even wanting to on the Joe Rogan podcast by simply walking outside and talking to people.

In spite of the unintentional weight loss, she says she’s happy with it. “I feel lighter, and that’s exactly how I feel.”. “Well, it’s equivalent to like eight bags of potatoes, and if you imagine carrying that around through an airport and then setting it down… I would feel very light.”.

Lara Beitz weight loss
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Lara Beitz weight loss journey

According to Rogan, losing this weight was like losing one of those 45-pound barbells.

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 She said she carried her ankle weights and her hand weights together for 20 pounds and if she carried them across the room she would be tired and feel better as well.

Since I was a teenager, I have suffered from back pain. The only thing I thought I couldn’t do was lose weight, so I was destined to have joint pain for the remainder of my life. 

I was experiencing joint pain which has been completely resolved. Again, I understand that if I carry a heavy bag through an airport like it hurts my back at the end of the day.” 

I can’t go anywhere without carrying that weight with me, to be on the go all the time. Even sitting with that extra weight is not something I want back. And I think part of the reason for that may be because I stopped eating flour and sugar, which I have read are inflammatory substances as well. Therefore, I think part of it is probably that, but the other part is that I’m feeling great after setting down the weight. Both factors are involved.”

Lara Beitz Weight Loss & Diet

Logic tells us that weight affects health just as much as sugar, flour, and processed foods that cause inflammation. After that, Joe Rogan asked Lara Beitz about her workout routine and exercise schedule. She revealed,

Stasia Patwell created workouts that I do. I also play tennis and swim. Her job duties include being a comic, a trainer, and running a show at the store. Some of us have seen before and after transformations with her fitness classes on Zoom, where a bunch of fat comics has gotten hot due to her workouts.

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As a quick glance at her Instagram account shows, Stasia Patwell is truly incredible, and no one can question her success in helping women achieve their dreams of weight loss.

During the podcast, Patwell glanced at Beitz’s Instagram highlights, where her before and after transformation were present—she couldn’t believe she used to be so fat. 

“I didn’t realize I was so fat. 

The egg on my face is really bad.”

The following are her thoughts before undergoing the transformation:

There were 25 pounds I thought I needed to lose. Considering I’m comfortable talking about numbers, I was 180 pounds at my heaviest. With 155 as my goal weight, I’m currently 142.5 pounds. Since I am in a healthy weight range, if I stop losing weight easily, I’ll think, ‘okay, this is the weight my body wants to be,’ but I continue to lose weight and my body isn’t protesting. There is no starvation in my life.

Tips From Lara Beitz Weight Loss Journey

You only had to eat the right foods and exercise rigorously to achieve your goal.

In a support group for overeaters, I weigh, measure, and record everything I eat. Following the advice of a dietitian, I eat balanced portions.

The goal I have is to have a calorie deficit of 250 calories a day. This results in about a half-pound of weight loss per week.

 Even if I don’t do it perfectly, it’s enough to make sure I don’t starve all the time.” Besides being satiated, I am also steadily losing weight. I haven’t had pizza in a year, and I haven’t added flour, sugar, or salt in like 10 months.”

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The same energy that she used to put into stand-up she applied to her ambitions to lose weight because “if you want something then you just do it, there’s no point in wasting your time.”

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Without weighing and measuring, she tried to diet for so long that it was pointless. She decided that now she would set up plenty of boundaries, turning this into something that would not allow failure.

She believes in taking actions to achieve goals, but if she is just trying to eat better, that is such a general concept that it does not help her. When I get heavier, what does it mean when I step on the scale once a week?

Considering current conditions, I’ll step on the scale and my weight may increase by three pounds. Because I write everything down, I don’t trip. I know I’m in a calorie deficit and it’s either salt or water.  I don’t understand that stuff but then I step on the scale the next week and it’ll be down, you know.” 

There is no doubt that losing weight is a process, but the problem is many people want to get there so quickly. She agrees. I think a big part of it is also like doing it as a reward so I enjoy doing my workouts because she (trainer) makes me laugh. That’s something I always do when I’m working out. Eating oatmeal is something I always do. My workout starts with meditation, then I meditate and then I do her workout.