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LeoLulu is a homemade video creator from the Philippines known for her passionate videos and intriguing video personalities. LeoLulu represents a bunch of amateur creators. In order to have their official account on the platform. They concatenated their pseudonym names instead of spelling them out independently and have gained a huge following of fans on social media.


Leo, the girl with the beautiful features. She has the nickname “Leo,” while Lulu is a handsome man with a gruff voice. Both the couple and their official Twitter account “@LeoLulu_XXX” have over 180K followers and have become internet sensations thanks to their fame on Instagram and Twitter.

LeoLulu Instgram
LeoLulu Twitter


The names of the two French models seen on the channel are Leo and Lulu. Both models are french models, but both are males. Currently, the couple only releases their own made videos, ranked 18 on the Hub, and only lets out videos of their own. With 1.1 million subscribers, the company currently enjoys a huge following on this platform. And their HD videos were viewed an estimated 811 Million times by their fans.

It would appear that Lulu was born and raised in Paris and was in his early twenties. When he took part in the Berlin internship program as a web developer back in the year 2013. In April 2017, Leo was born in Berlin, Germany. She is currently 24 years of age (as of the middle of 2021).

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Their first encounter took place in July 2013 at Wannsee lake – a recreational spot for west Berlin residents, and they have been in love ever since. There was immeasurable chemistry between Leo and Lulu during that brief meeting. And the pair continue to keep in touch ever since through their Snapchat exchanges.

On June 4, 2016, the couple decided to record their first explicit cam-show in a private setting, their brother’s kitchen being the first set. The couple has been sharing their shows with friends and family since 2011. Despite the overwhelming response, Liolulu continued to share their show (without revealing the faces of the stars) with their fan base.

Real NameLEO and LULU
Birthday13 April 1997
Zodiac SignAries
BirthplaceBerlin Germany

Even though the couple loves shooting videos and sharing them with the world. It was inevitable that they would eventually have to take a break from amateur videography. After moving to Paris, France, Leolulu has been unable to attend their Modeling Cam shows due to their different work schedules.


Having lived in Paris since the early 2000s, it only seems natural that in order to preserve their anonymity. The couple disguised both of their faces in their exclusive content. As time went on, however, they began to be recognized by the people around them because of “Lulu’s tattooed thigh”.

Fans are so enthralled with the duo that they are anxious to see their favorite stars’ faces. The desire to see their favorite stars’ faces is getting traction in the community for the upcoming Face Reveal.


Having received unprecedented feedback on their PH main account in 2017. Leo and Lulu decided during the year to quit their full-time jobs to concentrate on their channel growth and to deliver high-quality content.

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Lulu decided to stop her higher education in 2017 to pursue their channel growth and to provide high-quality content to their audiences. In 2017, their PH main account got unprecedented feedback, and Leo decided to quit his full-time job. Additionally, the couple was also featured in PH’s “dirtiest video ever on the beach” which was a campaign of environmental awareness.

A couple of weeks ago, LeoLulu shot for two days straight in full sun and then performed their hot performance in public as a way of urging others not to use plastics. Which are detrimental to the aquatic ecosystem.

With a good income coming their way, Leo and Lulu decided to invest in video production and set design in order to get the most out of their content. Rather than shooting it on their iPhones. Now that they have a beautiful apartment near the Paris riverbank. They use Panasonic video equipment for their HD videos.


A recent report states that celebrity couples Leo and Lulu have a net worth of approximately $250,000. It is due to their self-employment as models and from the sales of their exclusive content.

It’s no secret that LeoLulu is one of the most well-known and top models on the PH platform. She earns a monthly income of about $10,000 to $15,000 from this platform. The hot duo have channeled their popularity as social media influencers with thousands of followers on multiple platforms. They are selling their latest exclusive content as a platform to channel their popularity.

Besides their jewelry business ventures. LuLu and Leo also earn additional income by promoting brands and crafts as Social Media Influencers.

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