Traci Braxton Weight Loss 2022: [Updated!] True or False?

Traci Braxton weight loss and fitness journey have undoubtedly amazed many of us. Here is everything we know about his journey.

According to her own commentary on her hit WeTV reality show, ‘Braxton Family Values’, singer-turned-realty star Traci Braxton has struggled with weight over the years. Traci Braxton is sick, isn’t she? It has been speculated that she underwent surgery to shed off her extra pounds due to her apparent weight loss. 

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Traci Braxton is an American singer and television personality. Besides being an R&B singer, she is also considered to be Toni Braxton’s younger sister.

Furthermore, Traci hosts a radio show of her own entitled “The Traci Braxton Show”. 

In the wake of her recent social media post and appearance with a huge weight loss, fans have been wondering why.

Traci Braxton
Traci Braxton

Traci Braxton Is Sick? She had surgery to lose weight.

Traci Braxton has recently posted on Instagram that she is sick. According to the reality star’s recent post on Instagram, she has been experiencing health issues. Her son’s wedding was marked by the sharing of a family photograph. Soon, people noticed her appearance and her weight loss. 

It didn’t take long for her fans to notice that she had lost weight. Commentators quickly diverted attention from the happy event to discuss Braxton’s svelte figure, which prompted speculation about her health. 

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As a result of Traci’s conjecture, the comments were turned off. Her health and illness have not been addressed in any official capacity. A previous diagnosis of diabetes has been made, however. 

Traci Braxton Weight Loss
Traci Braxton Weight Loss

Traci Braxton Illness Update

Traci Braxton has not disclosed whether or not she is overweight or has undergone weight loss surgery. However, she has lost considerable weight. Due to the difficulty in recognizing her in the picture of her son’s wedding, her fans have been in an uproar.

Her weight loss has been a major health concern over the past few years. Furthermore, she is also sharing on her social media applications some health tips and her weight loss journey. Furthermore, Tracy is also suffering from diabetes, which is the primary factor contributing to her mood change.

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However, after she posted a series of photos on Instagram showing a dramatic weight loss over the weekend, fans became concerned about her health. Braxton posted family photos from the wedding of her son Kevin Surratt, Jr. on social media early on Saturday (July 3). However, commenters soon turned their attention to Braxton’s weight loss, which revealed a considerably smaller frame – which left some wondering about her health.

Traci turned them off because of the speculations in the comments.  As of the date of publication, she has not publicly addressed the controversy.

Traci Weight Loss – True or False?

While there have been many suspicions about Traci Braxton, she has not been a stranger to weight loss surgery. In 2018, she debuted her amazing figure after losing 40 pounds. Diabetes is one of the side effects of obesity, and the reality TV personality knows well what the consequences are.

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During that time, she even revealed the secret to a great eating plan that resulted in her weight loss. Two years later, she attempted a second weight loss attempt. It seemed she had accomplished her goal this time. Thus, fans need not worry about the singer’s health. People are asking questions and expressing opinions at a fever pitch, but the singer has not responded.

Due to this development, Traci Braxton’s weight loss issue remains unresolved at this point.