Ernest Khalimov – Instagram Influencer

Ernest Khalimov is the greatest among the Gigachads and Chads. The Gigachad meme was made by Ernest, arguably the greatest of all Chads.

Ernest is a Russian model, fitness trainer, and social media, Gigachad. He was born in Saint-Petersburg. His photos have been trolled on social media to the point of becoming famous. Without a doubt, those memes made him one of the most prominent male models in the world.

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About Gigachad: Instagram Influencer


Born on March 1st, 1969, Ernest Khalimov grew up in Moscow, Russia. Ernest Khalimov’s zodiac sign is unknown. Ernest completed his primary schooling at a local school but has not provided any details about what post-secondary studies he pursued afterward.

Even Chads are not as physically attractive as GIGACHAD, who scored a ten on the attractiveness scale. Men around the world consider him intimidating. Gigachads are the best of the best, with their unique facial symmetry and aesthetics. When women see a Gigchad, they react to it the same way moths do when they see a lamp.

It is hard to know what Ernest Khalimov is known for outside of his name because he does not have a meme. Ernest has been compared with the Gigachad, but many people only recognize him by his first and last names, like others more well-known.

Ernest’s memes have sparked many discussions over the last three years since he first took his first image. The idea of a perfect life has surprised some people. Ernest is often regarded as one of the manliest men, but some claim that Ernest isn’t honest beyond his pictures and posts on social media sites like Instagram.

You may be under the impression that Ernest’s images result from photo editing, but you will soon come to regret it.


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Ernest Khalimov

Ernest Khalimov Basic Biography, Info & Wiki

Real NameErnest Khalimov
NameErnest Khalimov
Age52 Years
Birthday1 March 1969
Zodiac SignPisces
BirthplaceMosco, Russia
GirlfriendKrista Sudmalis
WifeNot Known

Why does he not seem to be famous?

When a person has already been introduced, people think he is popular due to his features and memes. He stays out of the limelight, not cooperating with other marketers.

People have begun to question his real identity due to his refusal to work with anyone. GigaChad has led some to believe that it is nothing but an elaborate art project by Krista Sudmalis and not a representative of any opinions of the gaming community.

There are also questions raised because they are just images rather than videos. Some people think Chad is a natural person, and others believe he is an invention of those who cannot look away from his perfect figure.

Ernest Khalimov
Ernest Khalimov Relationship

More doubts and Rumors About Ernest Khalimov

As many news sources reported, there is no evidence that Giga Chad’s vehicle was involved in an accident on the 26th or 27th of April. A profile picture from Berlin 1969 appears on Sleek and Tears’s Instagram account. Ernest Khalimov used to be famous.

Ernest Net Worth

He has a net worth of $1.5 million and is mainly known for his modeling career, as well as sponsorship deals with companies he’s worked for in the past. His Instagram account’s engagement rate is typically 24%, averaging 127k likes per post, and he promotes various brands through it.